Testing testing, is this on?

Can  you hear me at the back? are sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

Ok. Seeing as you’re here, you probably know what is going on, or you are me. In which case I am talking to myself, which is probably a little odd. Or at the very least, the only way to get a sensible conversation sometimes.

As I type this, my beautiful Jojo is taking some pictures of me (God knows why).

Anyway, so I guess I should start by saying why we are here. This is C-sharp, Database Educational eXperiment (C-DEX) otherwise known as project Icarus. This is an attempt, by me, to learn C#, database access, and otherwise educate myself in t he wonderful and amazing new world of C# and the .NET framework, so that I may, at some point be able to get a better job!

The initial aims of project icarus are to:

  • Create a client/ server based multiplayer space game
  • That uses real newtonian physics
  • That uses the WCF as the method of communication between the various components
  • That stores the world in a transactional database (mySQL)
  • That draw said client with a direct 3D engine.
  • That accepts DirectInput data from the world (think joysticks and keyboard)

Once the above is in place? Well, we’ll see what happens. I have no experience of any of the technologies above, except a little mySQL when I was at uni.

May God have mercy upon my soul.

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