And the lord said, let there be light! (and lag)

Ok, so a lots been happening the last couple of days. (Well, not that much, but, visually a lot has changed). The first thing to happen was to find some .x models that I could use as my spaceships. Quite easy and straight forward to start with! A few tweaks to the default ship class and the correct ship was appearing. Unfortuantely, it just appeared as a white shadow outline, with no detail of any kind. Exactly like the weapon balls were. A little googling later and I had nothing.

A ghost ship then!

Well, not quite. I did have a random hunch though, and a mini breakthrough occured when I noticed that the colour it was, was the same colour I’d selected as ambient light. What, I wondered, would happen if I turned on directional light, and turned down the ambiet light? And that, as they say, was that! All of a sudden my weapon balls were green and microsofts pretty spaceship model was more or less correctly drawn. There was, one, teeny, tiny problem. My frame rate had gone through the floor. I turned lighting off, and all was great again. Turned lighting back on, and things were lagging very much indeed when there were more than four or five ships around. Blow a few up and the frame rate was playable again. This is a problem!

How did you fix it then?

That’s the bad news. I haven’t. Like I said, it was vaguely playable with only a few ships around, so I decided not to lose too much time investigating it (I was feeling a little burned after spending so much time looking into the mysql problems, which, haven’t really caused a problem yet, even though I suspect they will in the very near future). Anyway, I’ve long thought that keeping bearing of what where and how you are rotated is very tricky. To that end, I re-jiggled the client a little bit, and now we have stars! They’re purely randomly generated, and they’re purely client side only (meaning that no two clients will see the same set of stars. I’m not too worried about this for now, it’s just a thing, you know?)

Ok, so what’s the point?

The point is that I now have something that doesn’t look too far from being a finished game. I’ve just got a couple of head up display type things (cross hair and speed indicator) I want to do and I will have something that I would have no shame in showing to someone such as prospective employer (which, lets not forget is one of the major goals I’ve got going here!). Anyway. Yes, that’s pretty much where I am and where I want to be going in the coming days. Yes, I’ve got a whole load of issues that need addressing, and yes, they will really need solving before the game can progress to something vaguely fun. There’s also the flight model that I want to update, the whole big ship combat thing, not to mention explosions (lets face it, ships simply disappearing out of existance isn’t great!) will leave me plenty still to do! So, with plenty of thoughts on my mind for things to do to drive us forward, I’ll leave you with the latest development video!

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2 Responses to And the lord said, let there be light! (and lag)

  1. pyramiao says:

    Just a question – is the background meant to be black or blue?
    I only because I was viewing the development video (which looks pretty good by the way) under Movie Player (ubuntu 10.04) and it was blue…

  2. ImmortalBlue says:

    Well, it’s meant to be a dark blue-ish colour. I keep tweaking it, but I don’t want to get lost in the detail quite yet! Still a lot to do! including a new blog post that’s half written (stay tuned folks)

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