Ok, time to stop thinking and start doing

Where the FCUK have you been?!!?

Ok, I might have gotten a little distracted with a few things. Basically, I’ve moved out of my house, into a hotel, paid for lovingly by my company. A few weeks ago, I was told that a secondment oppertunity had come up in filton, and that I was being considered. As soon as it was confirmed that I’d be coming up here for an undetermined period of time, I decided to do the sensible thing and stop developing Project Icarus and to spend more time with Jo. This time-less-ness issue was then compounded by a house inspection just before I disappeared up to Filton.

But you’re back now, right?

Yes, I’m back. Like I said, armed with the knowledge of not seeing Jo for anywhere near as much as I would like, and that in the coming months I would have plenty of time to devote to the cause. Which I now have

Sounds good! So what have you been up to?

Yup, it does sound good. It’s some good, some bad though. I’ve managed to cure at least some of my performance ills for now (you’ll remember that I was having a little trouble with frame rate performance a little while back). By turning off vsync I boosted my frames per second from ~30 to 180+ on my laptop. I think this is due to the way in which I was presenting the frames. Rather than preparing a frame between frames and then presenting as soon as was requested, by waiting until requested for a frame and then drawing and then presenting, you’re obviously going to cause performance issues. I do plan on fixing that later, but the work around will do for now.

Other than that, I’ve had some small successes with some HMI widgets, namely one which determines which direction to go to to face the current target. It seems to work well. Ish. It’s in the common class, so should come toghether with a few other classes I’ve written to form a rudimentary AI.

AI?! Are you mad, you’ll kill us all!

Ah yeah, I know. But as Jo pointed out, it’s rather boring watching ships stay exactly still and wait around with no purpose. So, they’re going to randomly move around a bit, and occasionally decicde to pick a fight with someone. It’ll require a bit of poking around on the server, but it should be minimally effective.

During this exercise, I have, however noticed that I’m getting very bored of declaring the same operation in four different class types, each feeding through to a member class. It makes me wonder if I should put things like “orientation” “velocity” and “acceleration” in an interface to make my life a little easier. My worry is that by doing that, I’ll get a duplicated name space issue due to the way the server types propogate over to the client when I run the WCF discovery tool… I’ll have a play with it and think about it later.

You mentioned some bad news?

Well yes. I’ve been running into a few problems with y’ardware. (That’s hardware to you mortals) it would appear that dogsbody has taken exception to external network communications (this always used to work!) and I can’t get on to SVN to sync my code. On top of this, my laptop really struggles to be a decent development platform. It’s slow, limited in screen space and well. A bit rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for what I wanted it for, and a bargain at the price I paid, but hey, not everything is ideal.

I have looked at getting a dedicated web server, but I’m basically looking at 25 quid a month, which, is obviously a long term goal, but not sure quite if I’m ready to comit to that quite yet.

To complicate matters even further, in just over a month, I might be moving into a place on my own for a little while, depending on whether or not this contact gets extended. If it does, I’ll be able to bring my PC up and connect dogsbody to it, pretty much solving these problems (another reason I don’t want to prematurely buy the web server!)

Still, there is a lot to think about and a lot of good progress has been, and continues to be made. Anyway. It’s late, I’m tired and I need sleeep.


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