Ok, Time to stop and think

I was just looking back at the first blog. It suddenly occurs to me that, apart from the whole newtonian motion thing, I’ve achieved all the milestones that I initially set out to do. So, I guess it’s time to set out some new ones.

Sooooo, to that end the new milestones are:

  • Widgets for HMI controls (both input and output)
  • DLL file plugins for Widgets
  • XML for input/output of settings, and for output logging (debug etc)
  • More Weapons (missiles and lasers)
  • Simulated Solar system and real newtonian physics (really this time)
  • Time dilation to allow sensible travel between planets.
  • Server hosted on a remote host, preliminary debugging of latency issues

Ok, so there’s quite a lot there. I know, I know, it’s ambitious, but hey, that’s the whole point really, isn’t it! It’s worth noting that quite a lot  of things will be basic concepts, for example, you won’t be able to interact with the planets or anything like that.

There’s still a lot to do of the old stuff though, surely…

Well, yes. There is. But there is also a lot of stuff that I could spend days sorting out, but changes that are coming will sort out, and what’s in place will work well enough as place holder. (Joystick bindings, lack of keyboard bindings etc) There were also some issues to do with frame rates and lighting, and these will obviously be addressed as they’re pretty important!

Ok, so what about chatting, docking, trading, scores, money, hit points, ship systems and baddies?

WOAH THERE SPEEDY! Not so fast! Yes, these are all things I’d love to do, and certainly plan to do at some point waaaaay in the future, but the point is, that at the moment, I’ve got to concentrate on a few relatively simple and straightforward things to implement. There is also the fact that I want to re-write pretty much the entire server, from scratch. as I wasn’t really sure before on what I wanted it to be and how it would hang together. Now that things have started to take shape, I have a lot more clarity in what the server needs to do.

Anyway, Jojo is going to turn canablistic if I don’t get food ready within the next half an hour, so I’m going to go and cook. Lots of great ideas laid out for the second phase, and I very much look forward to implementing them. Have fun peoples!

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