Wow, what a year…

You’ve really got to stop taking so long between updates

Yup, I know. I’ve just been a little… well. Busy. It started off ok, looking for a new job, brushing up on the game, getting things as they should be, applying what I’d learnt into how to do various things better. I think it actually helped get me a job. Lots of people seem to really come alive when they ask me about it in an interview situation. It really shows that I love what I do, and am prepared to do things off my own back to really make them happen.

So, new job then?

Yeah, I started in April. Things were going really well, it was all databasey, web pagey, front end, using IoC containers, AWS (Which I will hopefully be investigating later!) and loads of things, and to top it offer, they were paying me a butt load more cash than I would have done the job for! Anyway, so shortly after I started there we finally sold the house and found one we wanted to move into! A lot of faffing around later, and we eventually moved in August. A lot of time unpacking, getting settled and redecorating later and I finally find some time to unpack my pc.

Oooh, a nice new house then!

Yes, very nice. Well, it will be when we’ve finished decorating it. At the moment it just needs a lot of TLC. So things were going really well there for a while. The job was awesome, was starting to find myself with a little free time that I fully intended to use towards this and then, completely out the blue, I find myself being made redundant at the end of November.

Oh crap, that really sucks!

You have no idea. The last month really has been a very big blur for me, but the good news is that I got a new job within two weeks, and again, I’m pretty sure this had something to do with it. Interviewers really do seem to come alive when this is the subject, it shows that I’m constantly wanting to play with new technologies and able to adapt what I’m doing to be able to use them.

So what have you been doing then?

Well, the good news is that I’ve had a lot of free time (understandably) to try and get some work on this done. It took me a while to get going and I spent faaar to long on something that actually turned out to be quite simple, but that’s the way this goes sometimes!

What, that’s it?

Well no, but I figured I’ve written enough for now and that it’s probably best to leave the techy stuff to its own post.

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